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Trinnett Anderson (#69620)

I joined Paparazzi March 2017 under my god sister's team the $5 Bling Bosses. Paparazzi started out for me as another stream of income that eventually Retired me from a 20-year career. September 2021 made four years that I left Corporate America to become a full-time entrepreneur as a Independent Consultant with no regrets. Trust me it was a leap of faith that I have to walk in and out every day! A leap of faith that took me from being a struggling single mom with a annual salary of $38,000 to now being recognized by this company with a BLING BOSS award as a multiple 6 Figure earner. This business has changed my life! I am the first highest ranking team partner under $5 Bling Bosses, Elite Jetsetter, with over 7,000 Business Partners. I've met some amazing women and men, I'm having fun, and I'm FINALLY living life on my terms! Take that leap and Join My Winning TEAM!

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