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A few years ago I made a major life decision to walk away from a 13 year marriage. It was one of the hardest decisions I could ever make. I lost everything other than my car, clothes, children, and sanity. On 4/6/17, I embarked on this journey as an Independent Consultant. THE BEST DECISION EVER and right on time!!! When I started my goal was to move myself and daughters from the two bedroom apartment to a bigger space where they would have their own room. I only needed $600 monthly to supplement some income that I was about to lose. Paparazzi Accessories has afforded me not only a 3 bedroom townhome with mad space, more than $600 a month residual income, but a NEW CAR as well!!! This business is BLESSED and a BLESSING. If my story has inspired you to take a leap of FAITH and step out to believe in yourself, click the link "Join My Team" and I will be delighted to have you as my Business Partner.

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