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Wendy Pressley (#75811)

Hey y'all Hey!! God & Paparazzi has taken my family & I, from struggling and living paycheck to paycheck, to now living comfortable. I decided to follow God's plan and step out of Faith and join what we call the "Sea of Pink & Black" , Paparazzi. You too can have the “Freedom” you desire. Currently, I hold the rank of “Producer”, which falls in the top 1% of the company. Because of Paparazzi I’m now able to work from literally ANYWHERE and meet amazing people along the way, and it also allows me to help change their lives $5 at a time. I look forward to supplying ALL YOUR ACCESSORY NEEDS $5 at a time. Think you can do this too, I say come join me and my team Anointed Divas as we become a household name and paint the country PINK!!! There is unlimited earning potential....and plenty of room at the table. Let’s grow these empires together, working YOUR business on YOUR TERMS $5 at a time!! . 💜

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