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Breanya Hogue (#83753)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my website! I started my Paparazzi journey on June 23, 2017 as a “side hustle” to earn some extra cash while pursuing my PhD. I pinch myself everyday because I can’t believe I’m making this much money for doing something that’s so much fun and super easy! Playing in amazing, beautiful accessories and styling and working with amazing women is a dream come true! I’ve advanced to ranks I never thought I would and my team is on fire! I LOVE fashion and shopping, but affordable prices are very important to me! Paparazzi fulfills all of my trendy accessory needs at a reasonable price and EXCELLENT quality...it can't be beat! Feel free to indulge! ENJOY! If you end up LOVING it like myself, join my team and together let’s win! 💖💎

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