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Rochelle McLean (#85408)

Yes, I was that shy girl, always in the background. I have been always been this way and did not like public speaking. On July 1, 2017, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, I said YES to Paparazzi Accessories. My family and I needed the extra money in our household and YES, I fell in love with the jewelry, lol! I knew I would have to step out of my comfort zone and start meeting new people and share my business with others. I knew God had a plan for me, I just needed to trust HIM and listen. I am so thankful for listening to God! I have a successful business, dynamic team, I am speaking in public (hundreds of people, lol), making the money to pay all the household expenses, and still getting my beautiful jewelry! God made a way and still is! If you would like to join me in this beautiful blessing and business, I would love to help you get started! Trust me, you can move and stretch yourself with God, our awesome team, and support! See you soon!!!!

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