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Shayla Sumra (#88538)

I am a mother, an educator and a full time student. I started as a loyal customer because I have always been a jewelry fanatic! I was quiet impressed with the variety and quality. I felt the urge to ask the question, “how easy is it to sell $5 jewelry?” the consultant I regularly bought from replied, “The pieces sell themselves!” I took the leap and joined only wanting to make enough money to take my family on vacations during the summer. I would have never thought that $5 jewelry would have such an impact on my life. I found a love for jewelry! I see a passion is styling and designing clients knowing that I get to meet phenomenal people from around the United States. Over the year and a half of being a consultant, I have a team of almost 300 business partners, I have traveled the world with Paparazzi and I am able to make the amount I make monthly as a teacher selling $5 jewelry! I love what I do!!!

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