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Crystal N. Brown (#91691)

Hi there! My name is Crystal Nicole and I am a Jetsetter with Paparazzi Accessories. I joined Paparazzi in August 2017 because I wanted a discount on the jewelry. Little did I know, God had a much bigger plan for me. One of my biggest accomplishments is being the FIRST consultant to ever rank up to ELITE in the month of December. My team and I were able to achieve this in only 4.5 months of me joining! I have always been passionate about helping others be the best they could be. Luckily with Paparazzi I'm able to join my love for people with my love of accessories. Paparazzi is a life changing opportunity and I thank God daily for it! I've been blessed to earn multiple six-figures in sales and team commission each year. I would love to teach you everything I know to help you be successful in your business. Why should you join my team? That's an easy one.... because I truly want to help you succeed! I would love to welcome you to my team, #TheDivineElite

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