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Myisha Elliott (#95966)

My name is Myisha and I am a wife to an amazingly supportive husband, a mother to 4 wonderful children, and a full-time student. I started my business in October 2017. I discovered Paparazzi and fell in love with all the fabulous jewelry and accessories that they have to offer. After sitting on the fence and ultimately doing the math I decided that I would join and become a consultant. At first it was just to get pieces at a discount but then it became more. I love how putting on a fantastic piece makes me feel, beautiful, confidant, unstoppable, determined, strong, and so much more. I could not keep this blessing to myself, I had to share what I had discovered, the only thing I regret is not finding it sooner. I set my own hours, share my pieces whenever and wherever I want, and run my business from home. I always say share and not sell because at $5 there is no selling required. I would love to help you start your own business from home and can’t wait to chat with you!

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