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Glenda Jackson (#1086128)

I believe in the product so much I was buying and enjoying the live shows with my friend she was selling so much to me and she really didn’t want to. As I continued to watch her grow I was still not able to get in the business for a lot of difficult reasons. But my heart was loving watching her growing so much to be apart, I had many offers to help me get started but I knew I was not financially able to keep up. I wanted to empower myself as well this had to be done only my way. So now I’m ready I’m exited and I’m doing it my way this is a joy I needed to be done for the evidence to show me that I am a able to fight for the things I want without anyone helping me to get there I always wanted to be an business woman but it had to be what I wanted. So now I’m just that the CEO of company. It’s exciting and lets me get back into life making things happen again my way.

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