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Jarnay, Maganda Bling (#1083313)

Hey there! I’m Jarnay Maria and welcome to my site! I first was an dedicated customer buying all of paparazzi jewelry, then I soon realized the opportunity and lifestyle change paparazzi had to offer for myself as a single mother. I definitely did it afraid and took the leap of faith to bring in extra income in my home as a single mother. I am happy to say I am loving every minute of it! I really needed something that was just for me after losing myself in being a dedicated single mother, at one point I was working 3 jobs just to make ends meet for my son and I, but no longer! Paparazzi allows me to have fun while making some extra funds and allows me to be home with my son more ! I’m glad I am here and happy to chat with you all! HAPPY SHOPPING 🛍️ 💍

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