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Michelle Aragones (#19685)

My name is Michelle, I am married to my high school love & we have 3 amazing girls. I've always had a strong desire to have my own business. I started with a few companies with great products but I was just not selling. Honestly, I wasn't selling well because I wouldn't have purchased the products for the price if I was just a customer. That's the most important question I asked myself when I was looking for the right business, would I buy this product? When I found Paparazzi I knew I had found what I was looking for! The product is fabulous; I wear it everyday! The price is even better! $5.00! If I can feel good about the quality & price of the product, I am sold! I’m so excited about this opportunity & the financial freedom it brings to my family! I love Paparazzi! Paparazzi Accessories is more than just selling a product, it's building a business that will let me live life on my terms. We all start for so many reasons but have one vision; time and financial freedom!

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