About The Founders

You do your best work if you love what you do. Take a look at what Paparazzi has accomplished and you will understand that the Founders truly love what they do. They live and love the Paparazzi mission statement and hope that lives will be changed as consultants gain independence and freedom through extraordinary five dollar accessories.

Misty Kirby

Misty Kirby Founder

Party Girl would be an apt description for Misty Kirby. At least, if party can be defined by ice cream, decorations, and any excuse to celebrate a holiday (no matter how small). With a degree in broadcast journalism, Misty always dreamed of being a TV anchor. So it was no surprise that combining news of design trends with her passion for parties resulted in the Paparazzi phenomenon. She takes a hands-on approach with the company, designing and creating Paparazzi products and interacting with Consultants all over the nation. More than anything, she loves that a concept as fun as accessories is able to literally change people's lives. Now that's a reason to party.

Trent Kirby

Trent Kirby Founder

To call Trent Kirby the "finance guy" gives credence to his background. Trent holds a degree in business finance, worked in private investments for a global financial firm, and started his own international import business that continues to hold major contracts throughout the U.S. Trent, however, is no gray-suited bean counter. Having worked in Beverly Hills, a former resident of California, and having spent a few years in sunny Dominican Republic, Trent loves the ocean, the beach, volleyball, and the opportunities of America. He channels his energy into Paparazzi by developing strategies to increase Consultant successes; he's even designed an accessory or two himself. (He holds claim to one of the company's best sellers.) To Trent, the most important numbers are the "impossible" figures that have allowed Paparazzi Consultants reach their financial goals.

Chani Reeve

Chani Reeve Founder

If you ask Chani Reeve the best quality of the Paparazzi opportunity, she may well say the ability to be footloose and fancy free. A mother of four herself, Chani loves that Paparazzi allows consultants to live by their own schedules. She personally sees the value in being able to work a powerful income stream around field trips, birthday parties, and play dates. Born to organize, Chani earned an Elementary Education degree while cleaning houses (and actually enjoyed the job). She continues to lend her attention to detail to Paparazzi. Her easy-going style goes hand in hand with her vision for the company: keep it fun and flexible.

Ryan Reeve

Ryan Reeve Founder

Get Ryan Reeve to start talking about electric transformers and toroidal inductors, and you might think he speaks another language. But this Paparazzi founder is fluent in one thing the entire company understands: hard work. With a degree in business and online technologies, Ryan grew up working for his parents' electronics lab. He learned the value of applying himself to tough problems and was instrumental in helping grow that company's success. However, the "little side venture" he'd begun with Chani, Misty, and Trent began seeing its own triumphs and he left the family business to put his full efforts into Paparazzi. Trained as a pilot, Ryan loves to fly, and loves to see Consultants reach new heights as well. It's a feeling that, in his vocabulary, is electric.

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