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My name is Tracey Sydnor. Born in D.C. and raised in Florida, by a wonderful mother who instilled in me the value of good work ethics, strong family values, and was a constant source of strength and love. These values would not only help prepare me for motherhood, but would also be the back bone, in a very long and successful 20+ year career in the Mental Health & Wellness industry. Being a single parent, to two amazing children, while pursuing a full time career, has equipped me with the ability to have empathy, compassion, and above all else, a drive to succeed. My children are my greatest source of inspiration, and the reason I always strive to do, and create better. Dreams do come true. That’s why I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with like minded people in organizations such as Paparazzi, because they help people gain the confidence and self-respect they need to take risks, to dream big,

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