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DREAM AGAIN MOVEMENT: I'm a Military Veteran with the passion of helping our veterans and helping others that want to make a change in their lives. Pursuing our dreams is what makes a person’s life worth living and fantastic all at the same time. Come with our team on this DREAM AGAIN MOVEMENT TOUR; where we accomplish things together as a team. We are a group of highly motivated, energetic, and a driven team for change. Our Mission: Is to Educate; Empower; Encourage, Motivate, and Edify people to take their lifestyle to another level and stop living the payday-to-payday lifestyle cycle and dream again. We are helping individuals and families start their own online business "LAUNCH, LEARN, AND EARN CAMPAIGN"! GET MOTIVATED!!! AND BECOME AN ONLINE BUSINESS OWNER TODAY, and JOIN US ON THIS DREAM AGAIN MOVEMENT TOUR. We Are Agents For Change! LET'S GO!!! Faith | Integrity | Loyalty | Commitment | Education | Success | Abundance

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