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Joyce Rawlings (#121757)

My story began as the 6th child out of 8; so money was always tight and stretch very thin. Even though we had little money, my mom always looked fabulous. At the age of 14, I got a newspaper job and my mom no longer paid for my clothes; instead she taught me how to dress and choose the right accessories to make the outfit chic. Since that time, I continue to be frugal but my clothes and accessories look as if I spent a fortune. I strongly feel that accessorizing put that extra pizzazz in an outfit. For me, when I accessorize it takes my confidence to a new level and I LOVE IT! It’s so rewarding to see the glow and the confidence soaring of a woman, who looks in the mirror and sees how beautiful she looks. When I learned about Paparazzi, I was intrigue; this was the business opportunity for me! Now, I’m building my EMPIRE, by doing something I love. I am ready to grow and change my life, are you ready? If so, join my team!!

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