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Hello I’m LaRonda Lewis, of "A Dash Of Class" I was a $5.00 jewelry Ah no thanks. One day I complimented a necklace. She said thanks, its Paparazzi. Not that $5.00 jewelry I said, she said YES. My perspective changed as far as wearing it. I wore it and received compliments. A consultant approached me about selling, no thank you. Wearing it one thing, selling No. While praying about my challenges, I would see a vision of the consultant. I asked God why? He replied, seek & ye shall find. The vision got stronger I surrendered to meet the consultant for clarity. Meeting was good, but still in denial. We prayed at the end, powerful and it convicted me. She said, give me a call once you decide. I said, I'm ready Now, let’s do this. That’s my story. My Motto: If you keep a Sparkle by your heart it will put a smile on your face. God Bless each of you. I leave you with this "Don't limit your challenges, Challenge Your Limits" Come join me on a great team - LaRonda -805 264-9847

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