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Love, Peace, & Bling (#173054)

The Love, Peace, & Bling Mobile Boutique is OFFICIALLY OPEN!!! We are parked at 1512 Tunnel Blvd. Chattanooga, TN 37411 Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I’m Tee, a "Blessed Bombshell" enjoying the bling life. I am a home schooling mama of 6. Because of Paparazzi I am starring in my own life, building leaders, and changing the world $5 at a time. Have a look around and splurge a little bit. At this price, why not? Save 45% on your purchases and rake in some extra $$$ when you join me in the fun of this limitless opportunity and adventure or rack up on some free bling by hosting a party via Facebook or Zoom. Contact me or click the link to sign up and get started. . Until next time>> Love, peace, and, bling y'all!

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