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Jalise Hall (#221473)

Dreams Do Come True! Dare to Stand Out! Build Your Own Wealth! Invest in Yourself! On September 17, 2018, I said NO MORE FEAR! I will Stand Out! Build my Own Wealth and invest in myself by becoming an entrepreneur with the help of Paparazzi Accessories. I know, taking this leap of faith, I have changed my entire life, opening doors to endless opportunities! Embarking on this journey, was something I pursued due to my family’s evolving dynamics. I wanted to be present and supportive of all my family’s events. I needed the flexibility to dedicate time to them. I now have control of my time! I interact and meet new people, to share, to empower, to provide a fresh look with my $5 beautifully crafted budget friendly jewelry. Becoming an entrepreneur with Paparazzi Accessories is a great opportunity you can do TOO! Come Join My Team, Become your own Boss, and earn the time and financial freedoms that await You!

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