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Linda Johnson (#225766)

My Paparazzi love story began on a sunny Sunday afternoon when my husband asked me if I wanted to go to a vendor fair with him. I begrudgingly said yes. As we entered the event, I saw this tent with beautiful jewelry in it. The sign on the outside said Paparazzi and the other sign said Everything is $5. We proceeded into the tent and I pointed to several items asking how much they were and the consultant said, "$5". I bought a set that had caught my eye when we first went in. She gave me her business card and invited me to watch her Facebook Live show on Friday. After leaving the tent, my husband said, "you should do this!" I was interested, because up until that date, I had designed and created my own jewelry. However, there was no way I could buy the material to make the jewelry, let alone sell it for $5. I had problems with sleep the rest of the week, because I was thinking about the opportunity. After watching her Facebook Live show, and asking a million questions, I signed up.

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