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Sugar Baby's Bling (#292837)

Hello, my name is Quentessa Benson and I am so excited that you made the decision to visit my website. Paparazzi has beautiful and affordable jewelry in various styles. I became a consultant after my sister hosted a jewelry party at my mother’s home. When she invited me to come I was honestly unsure about what to expect from $5 jewelry. When I got to my mother’s house I saw the most beautiful, well made jewelry placed neatly for display. I watched the customers that day and was very surprised. This jewelry speaks for itself. Well after that party something inside me said, ‘Join’. I listened to that voice and now I am a part of a wonderful company and a great team. Becoming a consultant has made me search my soul and I am glad that I could be a part of this organization. It has truly changed my life. If you have questions about placing an order or joining my team, please feel free to email or call me.

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