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Tomanica Williams (#306189)

Hello! My name is Tomanica Williams, I am an Independent Consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. I had been purchasing this affordable jewelry from a few of my friends who were Paparazzi consultants and I fell in love with the jewelry. I found myself watching them go live every week to see the what new hot pieces they had! Since I was a little girl, I watched my mother accessorize her outfits. So I started to love accessorizing as well (i.e. jewelry, shoes, and handbags). I believe that the way you present yourself, the clothes that you wear and the jewelry that you select for yourself can also have a huge impact on your confidence level. With that being said, I decided to become an Independent Consultant. I hope I can help empower and build confidence by showing women/men how to accessorize their wardrobe with Paparazzi's affordable jewelry and accessories. As stated by Paparazzi, "I am just a girl changing the world $5 at a time."

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