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The Empress of Bling (#306296)

When I say that this is the best business $99 decision I could have ever made in my life. I've always been a Girlie Girl and jewelry had always been my thing. I found out about Paparazzi by chance I was strolling on Facebook and at that time I was extremely Depressed. I had lost both of my Parents EXACTLY 30 APART. Lost my Home while waiting on my Disability and Facebook was my entertainment. I started just purchasing so much paparazzi jewelry then one day while watching I was asked to join and I prayed about it, GOD whispered to me it's okay join the business and I did. Now I'm my own Boss and I work my own hours. So my YES it was well worth it as and still is well worth it. Thank you GOD and Paparazzi. So you too can do this no matter what you think pray about it and let God guide you.

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