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Minnie Bess Daniels (#331686)

Minnie Bess Daniels was born October 31, 1955. She is the 9th child of 15. She has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Minnie was married to an amazing man of God for 38 years he passed due to cancer. My life took a dramatic turn in 2014. I became disable, I retired, and I became a widow all in the same year of 2014. I was in a dark place for 2 years and I knew with the help of God I can, and I had to come out of this storm. So, in September 2019 I was on Facebook and request a friend Alwanda Carothers. I became a customer before I was a consultant. After purchasing a couple of pieces of jewelry. Alwanda introduce the business to me and I joined her team and had no regrets since. This business has changed my life. I wanted extra income but, this business has given me a purpose and opportunity to reach far more than I expected. I am going to trust in God to let me achieve whatever he has in store for me. Join my team and we can do this awesome opportunity together with God’s help.

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