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Over time my why changed. When I first started it was just because of my love for the jewelry and the desire to save more money by joining to buy wholesale. Soon after sharing and showing off what I was wearing, the jewelry sold itself. It didn't take long to realize that this was going to help my family purchase something we had needed and prayed about finding a way to get. You see, my husband has had multiple sclerosis for 17 years. He has regressed over time and is now in a power chair full time. Getting him into the car became practically impossible. I had searched high and low over a year to find something we could reasonably make payments on. In early 2020, my business, Sparkle on With Melody, had become profitable enough to make that necessity a REAL possibility. I still cannot not believe it myself. Let me tell you...if you are on the fence about joining...jump on over! It's totally worth it! Today is the day to change your story! #joinme

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