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Hi my name is Eileen Lenz. Welcome to my site and Paparazzi jewelry where everything is Nickel and Lead free! The WHY to my story is to have more control of my life and to invest into my life. Paparazzi has been a company that has been that business where I can work my own schedule, and spend more time with my family. Who doesn't want freedom of time and to earn money in the process! I came across Paparazzi and wondered if this could be my niche, business, could I make this a success? Well I needed to take a chance a risk to see if this will be for me. I am happy I did! If you have been looking to make a little extra money or career change? Contact me! I get to Connect with people and have fun all the while embracing my potential. Give me a call and I can give you more information. Let's take your dream to the next level and sell some great jewelry at an affordable price! Thank you for stopping by my website!

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