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Monique Miller (#413391)

I spent years working in the corporate world to help make someone else’s business be successful. Now I am working to build a successful business for me and my family to prosper from both financially and spiritually. I am so excited and blessed to have found a company that allows me to finally have the work/life balance that I lacked in my previous career and still achieve financial success. And as someone who absolutely loves jewelry, it doesn’t get any better than having a career that allows me to surround myself with beautiful jewelry and be able to connect with so many women who share my love for jewelry. It feels absolutely amazing to be part of this company and to uplift women everyday by simply sharing my passion for paparazzi accessories with them. I am excited to have become a Director and achieved Life of the Party Gold after my first full year with Paparazzi and I look forward to many more achievements in the future for myself and my team!

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