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Ashley Lockwood (#42091)

My name is Ashley and I'm a flight attendant. I absolutely love this business! I believe in always having multiple streams of income. I'm on one of the company’s fastest growing teams. The relationships I have developed are priceless. If you are flexible and ready to put in the work, the Pink Print (blueprint) has been laid. This same foundation that can lead to your success! Join my team and we can take over the world! Paparazzi brings Leadership, Sisterhood, Financial Freedom, Unlimited Training, vacations, and peace of mind. I love how they spoil us! I originally joined to have another stream of income plus it looked fun. I had no idea the joy and freedom that it would provide. This is one of my best decisions. No regrets, except starting sooner! I have new lifelong friends around the country. Imagine how much better you feel when you put on a pair of earrings. Think about how much better it feels knowing it was only $5! Come share your story and change lives today!

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