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In 2016 my mother passed, my dad went into depression. I had to quit my job. I began looking for jobs from home. I found that just any job wasn't gonna work for my daily duties. Most of those jobs I would have to have a quiet, uninterrupted place. By this time, I had my dad and a 6 yr. old. One day while on FB, I came across a Live with Paparazzi, not knowing this purchase would be the beginning of a LIFE-CHANGING experience... After the Live, I became interested in knowing what Paparazzi was all about. I began to search the web that night. It began to make more sense. I went to get my jewelry, I inquired more about HOW I WOULD MAKE MONEY and WHEN I WOULD GET PAID. In these answers, I found out this company was a CHRISTIAN BASED one... this is THE main thing I needed to know. When I got home I got on the website again and jumped right in!!! This opportunity has given me FINANCES, HOME, FAMILY TIME, ME TIME and MOST of all MORE CHURCH TIME. It is what I needed!!!

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