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ToMecia Stafford (#480436)

My Story. Where do I begin? If I'm completely honest, I must begin with the truth. Truth is.....My name is ToMecia and I am a SHOPAHOLIC!!! There, I've admitted it. I love pretty things! I love being a woman and making myself feel good by looking good!! I also love to encourage and motivate other women via words and beauty tips. My desire for FASHION has brought me to Paparazzi. Although I love supporting the endeavors of others, me starting my own business has been suggested by the multitude, simply because I continue to spend ridiculously on this jewelry. I've decided to bring my mother along with me as my PARTNER-IN-LOVE (not crime) - so that we can work this business as a team!! My desire to help my parents, as well as support my fashion habits while saving a few pennies for my kids is what drives me and what will push me towards higher-heights in this business.

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