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Crystal Goree (#58125)

Hello, My name is Crystal Ward Goree. I am a Director with Paparazzi Jewelry and I lead a fabulous team of Independent Consultants. Prior to signing up with Paparazzi Jewelry, I remember countless days of working at my 9-5, just waiting and praying for an opportunity to retire. Well, the opportunity presented itself for me to start my own Paparazzi business, enabling me to retire from my regular job, be my own boss, work my own hours... and more! It is through this business, and the fabulous $5.00 jewelry that I am able to provide an affordable product, maintain my lifestyle, accomplish my goals, and live out my dreams! If you’ve been looking to earn extra income and praying for a better way, why not invest in yourself and join my team today? Click the link below if you’re ready!

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