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Callie Mosley (#61166)

When I began Paparazzi in January of 2017 I wasn’t interested in joining. I said no but joined to help my sister and if nothing else, I purchase jewelry at retail cost. After a month of not doing anything, I decided to check it out because my sisters were so excited about what they were doing and the people that were joining. I began to ask more questions and research the company then it clicked with me. I finally saw the vision. My first partner sought me out and joined. Within two days, another friend sought me out to join. Wow! I was excited! I had recruited my first two partners, one more and I would rank up to Director in less than 60 days. Recruited my third partner DIRECTOR! Yay me!! That’s when I really began to get into my business and began doing lives, seeking out vending events and talking to others about this amazing business I had. My why became clear: I needed a tax write off and extra income. I’m glad that I saw the vision early and invested in myself.

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