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Titia & David Widener-Williams (#62343)

I am a nurse, a mother and a wife. I have always had an extremely busy schedule. When I found Paparazzi I had absolutely NO IDEA how I would work this business into my schedule. Little did I know, Paparazzi Accessories would soon become a staple in our household. My husband, David and I have embarked on a journey that has allowed us to build one of the top producing teams in this company. I am now my own boss! I work when I want to work! The only boss I answer to is ME! This business has allowed me to put being a mother first. I am present with my family. I now have the time and energy to live the life that I have dreamed of. Paparazzi is an amazing business for all. You can earn income from the comforts of your own home. I am so happy that I found Paparazzi Accessories! You will be happy too.

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