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Ella Zinnerman-Norris (#73500)

Welcome to my Style On 5 Paparazzi Accessories site! I am so excited about you getting your personal style on a $5 budget! You are shopping with a full time stay-at-home momma who thought that her college degrees and a corporate job would be the ultimate brand of success...WRONG! I am now a "Mompreneur" living a purpose-driven life with my husband and our two children. Paparazzi is an excellent income source for my household and I have not looked backed since joining in April of 2017! I never imagined that selling $5 jewelry would be "my thing" or that it would even be a lucrative business but it is and here I am absolutely loving it! I am forever grateful to God and my sponsor for this opportunity! Shop with me anytime or Join the movement and become your own boss by joining my team! Either way, it's 100% FUN, FASHION and FABULOUS!

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