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I started selling $5 jewelry and initially I thought, " I'll do this until I find something better.... Because truly, how much money can you really make selling $5 jewelry." Then, I saw a distance friend begin to grow her team and expand her business. I began to track her progress and noticed another friend was also excelling in this "Paparazzi " movement and her business was also taking off! At that moment I realized this was more than just a hobby. I realized that being a paparazzi consultant was changing lives of people around me and I was determined to achieve my own success. I have a growing team and absolutely love what I do! Paparazzi is truly changing my life and giving me something to call me own! It is allowing me to connect with other phenomenal women and become apart of a great sisterhood! Like other women I wear many hats - mother, professional, daughter, wife etc. and now I'm also a Paparazzi consultant! If you are looking for a great opportunity- JOIN MY TEAM!❤️

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