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Hi! I am a Jetsetter leader with Paparazzi Accessories. Thank you so much for stopping by! You are going to love this $5 jewelry! Thanks to this Company, I was able to quit my 3 jobs, & retired my husband, and we both do Paparazzi Full time. I love my Team Members, and helping others reach their Goals. I am the leader of Team United Fashionitas. We are an ELITE team. I joined Paparazzi because I wanted to get out of debt. Worked a lot while going to School. I love the quality of our Product. My husband is also doing Paparazzi FULL TIME with me. We do Facebook parties together by Going LIVE over on Facebook {Danny & Andrea Hutcheson} ... We have won Free Trips almost every year. I have gained lots of New Friends, and Confidence. God has Truly Blessed my Business and keeps blessing my life in many ways! I’d love to help YOU!! Call us: 765-247-9843 ps. Hablo Español, soy de Peru!

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