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Welcome to my Paparazzi Site! My name is Twanna Booker and I must say welcome one more time. I am a very fashionable woman of Faith who loves the Lord. I am a Wife, Mother, Sister, Auntie, and a Breast Cancer Survivor.So I give God all the Praise! You are here by no accident, on this site you will find Fun, Fashionable,Affordable Paparazzi Jewelry for $5, Zi Collections $25, and FashionFix for $20. Everything is Nickel and Lead Free. So enjoy my website! If you want a change in life and not afraid to step out on Faith.Join My growing Team today, where you can be your own Boss,earn extra cash, and work your own hours. Our Team is here to love,inspire,uplift each other when needed, and grow within our business. Thank you for visiting my website. Have a Bless Day!

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